The car detailing industry in India is currently growing in popularity and is expected to become a profitable and thriving business, as car owners begin to take pride in the ownership of their cars and want to keep them looking their absolute best.

  • 5C CAR CARE is a major player in India's auto detailing industry and has become one of the fastest growing car care service providers in India.

  • We pride ourselves in providing some of the highest quality detailing services in India, benchmarked against the very best in the world. This is attained by a combination of using the highest quality products and a highly skilled workforce, that deliver industry leading results to our customers.

  • High returns and substantial profits can be achieved within a year of starting our franchise.

  • Led by a passionate team of experienced and hard working individuals, our growth story has been exceptional over the last few years.

  • A business' gestation period is crucial as it represents the critical objective of generating profit. We are proud to have a low gestation period as the need for premium detailing services in India is growing at a fast pace.

  • 5C CAR CARE's premium brand positioning and reputation for providing luxury automotive detailing services serves as a benchmark for other brands to aspire to.