Headlight Restoration

Recommended for older cars exposed to direct sunlight and UV radiation resulting in dulled headlights with a yellowish hue. Treatment using Meguiar's plastic restoration system gives the lenses a crystal clear appearance and removes light swirls and scratches.

*Estimated working time: 2-3 hours

Process: Meguiar's Hyper Foam wash, followed by claying lens surface, followed by a 30% IPA wipe, followed by Meguiar's Plast X plastic polish, finished with Carnauba/Meguiar's Ultimate wax. Note: Wet sanding with 1200-2000 grit sandpaper may be needed in case of severe lens oxidation/yellowing. Charges for wet sanding will vary on a case to case basis.


Ultracompact/City Car₹6,000
Full size₹6,800