Recommended for deep cleaning your car's interior to bring that new car smell back.

*Estimated working time: 6-7 hours

Process: Meguiar's Hyper Foam wash, followed by Interior vacuuming, followed by micro cleaning dashboard and all instrumentation/dials/vents/knobs/pockets, followed by wet upholstery extraction to deep clean seats and carpeting, followed by CB leather cleaner on all leather surfaces, followed by Meguiar's leather conditioner, finished with dashboard dressing (can be gloss or matte finish as per request). 5C Pro Foam Wash complimentary.


Ultracompact/City Car₹4,500
Full size₹6,500

Note: We do not believe in using artificial fragrances to mask bad interior odor, we believe that a thoroughly clean interior has the best new car like smell one can get, without the need for artificial fragrances/car perfumes that can be harmful to certain individuals prone to allergy or those with any pre-existing respiratory conditions.